06 December 2011

30 - 30 - 30 - Happy Birthday, Kelly!

From my daughter's birthday on December 6 to mine on January 26 our family ages are: my father- 95, me- 65, my daughter- 35, my granddaughter- 5.

I looked up the meaning for the number 30 and found it has it's own wikipedia page and people called "thirtyophiles" who sing its intricacies and praises, most of which I don't understand. There's even a You Tube video by one of these fellows at the end of the page who goes on for six minutes about the magic of number 30. Amazing!

I just think it's very cool to have this 30 year spread between four generations of my family for these two months, even if there's no cosmic significance.

As for my daughter turning 35, now there's cosmic significance. Kelly, child of my heart, when I became a mother, I thought I was mothering her to life, but in some mysterious real way, she brought parts of me to life that never would have come forth except in response to her. Mothering her is my  favorite life role so far, although I'm crazy in love with my Honey and have great fun as grandmother to her two Dear Ones.

It has been different than I thought at every step of the way and I cherish it all. Well, after I got over myself and opened up to her as separate from me, I cherished it all. I didn't really get that it would continue my whole life, mothering, but I'm so grateful it has. I'm grateful to be Kelly's mother and I thank her for choosing me to be her mother. I admire and love her.

3 + 5 things I love about Kelly:
1. That she exhorts your two children to listen to their bodies and stop eating when they're full.
2. That she breast fed her babies on demand and trusted their wisdom to know when to stop.
3. That she chose where she wanted to live, found a way to finance going there and then followed her passion and lives there.
4. That she chose the man whom she wanted to marry, built her relationship with him, then trusted her judgement and heart and asked him to marry her.
5. That she and her husband built their own home, raise their own food, and always seek ways to strengthen their community.
6. That she knows, loves and preserves the Trinidad rain forest, encourages others to discover its treasures, and fights those who would harm it.
7. That when her son grew to hate school, she removed him and decided, after consulting with trusted friends, to home school him and her daughter.
8. (proposed by her Dad): That despite our faults and mistakes, she continues to love her parents.

Happy Birthday, Kelly!


  1. Such beautiful and heart felt sentiments Mary, your daughter picked well!

  2. beautifullllllll pics,many many happy returns, to your daughter.

  3. Such a beautiful ode to a daughter. She was definitely raised right to have become such a person as you describe. Congratulations to the entire family for having so many thirty-year anniversaries. And you are very lucky to have your father at his age. He looks wonderful!

    You remind me of how much I missed when my father died at 62.

  4. What a beautiful tribute. You all are an inspiration...Happy Birthday Months!

  5. What a lovely, strong, self-propelled daughter you have! I think my mother was surprised at the way her relationships with her grown children bloomed. She spoke to me about it, so I wasn't surprised when it happened with my daughter (stepdaughter, actually). Lovely post.

  6. Happy Birthday - to Kelly now - to you, soon.

  7. CC, I'm so glad she did.

    Sunny, Thank you!

    DJan, Yes, he's healthy and well and a great role model.

    Lauren, Thanks.

    Nancy, She has amazed me for a long time in her confident, move toward her goals attitude backed by a great big heart. I'm so grateful for a good relationship with her!

    Grazie mille, Lou, lei é molte gentile.

  8. Happy birthday, Kelly! I, too, asked my then-bf to marry me, and he said Yes. We have been married 31 years.

  9. Woohoo, here's this Ozark Farm Chick sendin' a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful Kelly!

    Ya'll have a most blessed and beautiful day filled with celebration...and cake...heaps of cake baby!!! :o)

  10. What a lovely birthday tribute for Kelly. I send my wishes for a happy birthday to Kelly, and to you too. You played a big part in her birth day, and in the 35 years to follow. Congratulations to you both.

  11. That 30 year difference between the generations is truly something special. Plus, I love all your numbered things, but it's No. 8 that underscores what wonderful parents you've been. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

  12. ah...can feel the love here...happy belated birthday to your daughter as well.. she sounds like an awesome person.. great pics as well..thanks for allowing us a glimpse into your family life mary

  13. This is so crazy great and happy-making! I have to congratulate you for paying attention this way, and for bringing such a wonderful woman into her place in the world. I love that you found new aspects of yourself from her presence. I love that she blossomed into her self because of you and your honey. And all that shaped her.

    But how can you stand her living so far away?? Oh man.

  14. gigi, A good role model. Congrats to you.

    Nezzy, Thanks. When I talked to me granddaughter (age 5) to ask if she was making a cake and she whispered real low into the phone: Yes, it's chocolate! So the cake is taken care of.

    Patti, A BIG part. Aren't I fortunate?

    Rosaria, He actually said it with tears in his eyes.

    Lisa, And friends as well- I'm so glad.

    Claudia, Thank you for coming over and reading. Kelly is wise and courageous. And there's lots of love going around.

    Ruth, I often thought when Kelly was young that she was an old soul and a woman on a mission. I marveled at how she just confidently kept moving toward it. It didn't occur to her that she wouldn't be able to accomplish it or that she needed permission. We just kept loving her even when we didn't quite understand. Often times she was my teacher.
    As for the distance, our twice yearly visits are for 1 and 2 months long, but the sleeping giant that arose recently, well we'll talk about that this visit. More to be revealed.

  15. wow....thank you mom, dad and all the blogger friends. mom and dad....i would never be here without you both literally and figuratively! it is your love, courage, trust and example that has helped make me all i am today. and it is the greatest part that we get to share these next phases together as friends and to marvel together at this next generation!! i love you both so very much!!

  16. Kelly, It was my great pleasure. Yes, even if you weren't my daughter, I'd want to be your friend. And the next generation are marvels indeed. Love to you all.

  17. Happy Birthday to you all(on your special days) ! So interesting, the 30 year difference.
    What a wonderful tribute to your special daughter.
    Daughters are a very special gift. I am thankful to have two!

  18. Happy bealted birthday to your daughter!This was a beautiful tribute to her. My husband and son and grandson have 30 years between their generations.

  19. Pat, Grazie. Another 30 year spread family!


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