16 January 2011


These amazing photos are courtesy of my freind, Jennifer. The rainforest of Trinidad has 16 different species of hummingbirds alone and this is merely one of them. Its body is an irradescent green blue color. Beautiful!


This is a rare shot of the hummingbird with its wings forward. She caught it at just the right moment of time for all of us to enjoy. Nature in all its glory.

What's amazing you these days?


  1. Just beautiful! I've taken a few pictures of my hummers here in the summer, but no picture as wonderful as these. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, and I have a feeder just like that! Only my hummingbirds prefer the plastic one. Go figure. What's amazing me these days is how winter-like it has been! I like coming in here to warm up!

  3. I love to feed my hummingbirds....I look forward to their arrival each year. Usually its in April but last year I didn't have any until August....I was afraid they had forgotten me.
    Oh to get a picture like these....it is so hard to do...they are way too fast for me. I stood in one position one year until my arms were shaking, waiting, just waiting for the perfect shot.

  4. DJan, Your welcome. There's such an abundance here!
    Lauren, I think their preference has to do wiht the one that best fits the length of their beaks. They vary depending on the species.
    Nanny, Yes, it's nice to have them all year. I'm enjoying them even more since we were told that Italy doesn't have them at all!

  5. This little guy is so beautiful. There are so many in the Caribbean. It's one of the many treasures there.

  6. Amazing shots. We don't get as many hummingbirds as we wish each year. Maybe next year will be the year they flock to our place. What's amazing me is that mid-January has already come and gone!

  7. Absolutely stunning!!
    I'm glad your friend let you post them and share their beauty with your readers.


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