11 January 2011

Smoked Chicken, Plantain, and Rum Punch


Homes in the rainforest used to have outside kitchens with clay ovens (above) in order to cook without heating up the house. Now it's just my daughter and her husband's home that have one (as well as a kitchen inside). It's an oldtime, tried and true way of cooking for those who know the intricacies of cooking without a temperature gauge to guide the way. And it's a terrific way to smoke chicken (or other meat or fish) for a long period of time over fragrant wood until it's tender and yummy.

The chicken is on that grill platform (below) over the fire and covered with banana leaves. The fire is low and smoldering to cook the meat well while imparting that unique smoky flavor and unmatched tenderness. This was Christmas dinner after a few hours of expert care by son-in-law as taught by his grandfather. It tasted scrumptious.

He also grows plantain (look like bananas, only bigger) which are known far and wide for their particularly sweet taste and are specially prized in the holiday season. We in the family get to enjoy it sliced and fried lightly with a pinch of salt as often as we want, lucky us. The sweetness is remarkable.

And for juice each day, my daughter goes out to the yard and picks whatever oranges, grapefruits or limes are ripe, adds water and maybe a little sugar and we drink it. In the evening, add rum and it's a rum punch. I'm getting spoiled and becoming a rum afficianado. El Dorado12 year or 1919 anyone?


  1. Sounds idyllic. I was in Port of Spain during my entire stay in Trinidad, but I truly enjoyed the native cuisine, as I have done with much of the food of the Caribbean. Well, except for stewed goat. Just couldn't get my taste buds around that.

  2. I can smell the chicken...I promise!!!
    To be able to go outside and pick oranges, grapefruit or limes...well that is just the perfect life to me. I can see why you are getting spoiled. It sounds relaxing and as PattiKen said "idyllic". Enjoy!

  3. Oh, you are missing all the storms, snow flurries and traffic problems the rest of the Northern Hemisphere is suffering through. I enjoy watching this tropical lifestyle.

  4. Patti, Curried goat is pretty good actually. But the smoked chicken is a cut above!
    Nanny, Really, it's a one and only!
    Rosaria, Yes, I do love the tropics in winter.
    Lauren, Or you can se it from here.

  5. Idyllic is the word that comes to mind.


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