07 January 2011

Rainforest Environment

On a recent drive when we crested the highest part of the hill, this vista opened up between the dense trees. It's a view of the sea in the distance with part of the rainforest visible as well. Trinidad's Rainforest is in the Northern Range of the Island, in the cuff of the short boot which is the shape of Trinidad. About four miles from this spot is where my daughter, her husband and two children live (for more info click here).

Double River Falls is one of the waterfalls in the rainforest I've seen this visit. It's an easy hike and climb to reach this lovely spot. The brave hearts swim in the cold (really!) water pool at the base. The falls are full with all the rain we've experienced recently and the thunderous sound is both powerful and strangely meditative at the same time. The breeze off the falling water is nature's own air conditioning and had my grandson shivering.

On another longer hike, when we reached our river destination, we walked down the river and up a ravine to discover this little beauty. This time the brave hearts swam through the narrow opening between the rocks in front of the pool to have the falls pound down on them and scream with the chill of it.

A friend blissed out in the tamer river flow by the bank where we stopped to just enjoy the unique sights and sounds of this beautiful rainforest environment.

Taking time to be in nature brings me back to my center, the best part of me, connected to all that is. 
Makes me grateful for this gift of life and abundance.


  1. I loved Trinidad when I visited there. I hope, someday, to go back again. It's a beautiful place.

  2. What a wonderful trip you are on! I am enjoying your photos and commentary.

  3. Oh, it's absolutely beautiful! Very peaceful and serene. I love that last picture, I can almost put myself into it. :-)

  4. Fabulous photos of beautiful spots. How nice that you have such great guides!

  5. You are so incredibly blessed to get to visit the beautiful places you do. We, your readers, are blessed by the photos of your visits.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Lou, Go to the rainforest next time- and bring your camera!
    Pat, Thanks!
    DJan, Me too but just mentally! Up to my knees was enough.
    Lauren, Truly!
    Nancy, My son-in-law is actually a rainforest guide and written up in "The Rough Guide to Trinidad" so I'm in good hands.
    Lisa, Thanks, I consider myself blessed indeed.

  7. Thank you for taking us along with you, on your journeys!! :)
    Beautiful photographs!!


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