28 January 2011

Something New for My Birthday

My daughter gave me an amazing present for my birthday; she took me to a remote, beautiful, 100 foot waterfall in the rainforest after our run on the 26th. I did something I've never done before to celebrate- I swam naked in the (cold!) waterfall pool.

Yes, I did it! I felt exhilarated! I embrace this life stage and look for ways to expand my horizons, push my limits and just try something new. It was fun (although I did yell a lot). Crones rule!

Gratitude galore to my blogger friends for your wonderful birthday greetings. You warm my heart.


  1. I cannot wait to see the waterfall!!!
    You continue to amaze and impress me with your zest for life!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Having a long visit with your daughter and doing all you've done sounds like the way to go. What fun for your birthday & Christmas & everything. I'm definitely envious.

  3. Wow! Now that is definitely a way to celebrate you are not likely to forget, ever. I look forward to the waterfall (only) pictures! :-)

  4. Oh, the beauty of it all. Hope you're able to blog from Florida and your half marathon. Looking forward.

  5. That sounds absolutely wonderful. What a way to celebrate your birthday. I can just imagine the shrieks and hilarity.

    My first public semi-nudity happened in the Caribbean too. Maybe I'll write a post about it someday (sans pictures).

  6. Very cool - Yes, I'm sure the swim was very cool. It is also very cool that you did this. Go for it.

  7. AWESOME! That is a great birthday!

  8. How very cool! Yes, crones rule!

  9. Ohhh! You are MUCH braver than I!! Not so much about the cold water, but the letting others see you naked part. :)
    It sounds like you had a fabulous time. Your daughter chose well.
    Happy belated Bithday!! Wishing you many, many more!!

  10. Nanny, Life is delicious and to be savored!
    CA Girl, Thank you. We should start a club to commit ourselves to try new and fun things to celebrate rather than get more things.
    DJan, I won't forget this and I figure it's only memories and feelings that we take with us.
    Rosaria, Ciao! Yes, definitely to blog reports from FL!
    Patti, Yes, Id like to hear that story.
    Thanks, Teach!
    Nan, Awesome, yes, and a great birthday!
    Nancy, It's not our grandmother's retirement anymore!
    Gabriele, Thanks for the b'day greetings. As for the naked part, I've learned a lot about accepting my body, whatever it looks like, in Italy.

  11. Happy belated birthday! I have never had the courage or privacy to swim naked. I hope it will be an experience I can also have one day!


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