13 January 2011

Simple Pleasures

Celebrating simple pleasures because they matter and foster gratitude:

1. A stroll with the one you love and even a quick snuggle.

2. Butterflies and flowers open to the sun.

3. Butterflies that wear their name on their wings (yup, the 89 butterfly)
and enjoy the salt on a friends arm in order to be admired.

4. Walking to school together at 8:25 knowing you'll be on time for an 8:30 start.

5. Knowing just how you want your hair braided
and wearing red ribbons to put some zip in your uniform.

What simple pleasures are you enjoying lately?


  1. I so love this! Yes, these are the real pleasures of life. That last picture of the red ribbons took me back! Lovely thoughts.

    p.s. We'd all love more recipes from the tropics!

  2. Looks so sunny. Are you still in Trinidad? The children are sweet. That buttterfly is way too cool. Do they really call it an "89" or is there a more scientific name?

  3. Rosaria, What a good idea. I'll ask my son-in-law for his smoked chicken seasoning and see what other recipes my daughter can contribute.
    Nancy, Took a quick trip to Antigua to consult with Crossroads for a week but head back to Trinidad day after tomorrow. It's drier here- nice.

  4. My simple pleasures are to come here and be reminded of all that beauty in our lives! Love Mr. 89!


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