04 February 2011

Rain Forest Flowers

Here are just a few of the flowers I've met along the way in Trinidad, some on hikes in the rain forest, some in my daughter's yard and some in a friend's garden (thank you Bunty and Rory). 
It's a beautiful time of year in the Caribbean. 
Please enjoy...


Another color of Croton


Butterfly lilly:

French kiss:

Locally known as the Snake plant:

 Red ginger:



No one knew the name for this:

Costus sp., known locally as the penis plant:

Chaconia, Trinidad's national flower:


Heliconia; known locally as Sexy pink:

Aphelandra sinclairiana:

Angel's trumpet:

Orchid (they grow wild all through the rain forest):



Crown of thorns:


Having my camera always with me this trip has kept my eyes open in a new way to this environment. 
It's been a visual feast for me. What's catching your eye these days?


  1. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous - and Bunty and Rory are two of my favorite people in Trinidad.

  2. You know that the whole Northern Hemisphere is under winter blankets. This beautiful display of flowers and tropical plants is a welcome change.

  3. Hello my friend,
    So many of these are a painting waiting to happen! Gorgeous!!
    Speaking of gorgeous - I hope you never, ever change your 'banner' photograph!! I adore that, wish I lived there and can't wait for it to appear, when I go to your blog!! :) Fabulous shot!!
    Sending love ~

  4. Gorgeous! The only color we have here in Connecticut is yellow snow;)

  5. Lou, Did the photos remind you of your trip to Trinidad? Ditto re: Bunty and Rory; just spent 3 days with them and had a great time.
    Rosaria, Yes, the weather up there is big news. Glad to offer a short diversion.
    Gabeiele, I'm pleased you like the banner photo. It's one of my favorite views from my balcony in Italy. I love how it changes in the evening light.
    Lauren, Come back and enjoy as often as you want!

  6. How beautiful. I love the colors. The word that comes to mind is "lush." Imagine poinsettia growing year round into that small tree-like plant...

  7. Patti, It is a lush environment. The poinsettia are in my daughter's neighbor's front yard. He has 3 such trees looking beautiful.

  8. It's interesting how many of them are red. No doubt they co-evolved with those exquisite hummingbirds you showed us the other day, since hummingbirds are so attracted to red. Oh such beauty!!


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