23 February 2011

The Gate To Love

I wasn't able to post on Valentine's Day (or since, but that's another story!) so I saved these photos taken in a friend's garden in Trinidad which reminded me of love.
 Love is a gate, isn't it? The gate to a whole other world - the world of our beloved. 
It's our opportunity to see things from a different perspective, from another inside- out as we can only do with a loved one. Who else would share so deeply? So personally? 
And we receive the gift of an expanded world, a change of mind, a jump shift in view, a way out of ourselves and into the stream of life, of love. 

We lovers are fortunate. If I can just say to myself: "What can I learn?" 
rather than "How can I defend?", then it's all just learning, and growing into a bigger self. 
Then joy awaits through this gate opened by love.

Thank you, John, for being my gate to a bigger world than mine alone. 
Thank you for loving me for all these 37 years with your sweet, constant love
and for discovering with me the wonders behind the gate.
It's been worth the risk, beyond my wildest dreams.


  1. Oh, very sweet, any time of the year. Those people who hang in there and keep changing and learning reap the rewards of long-lasting love. Congratulations on your long committment.

  2. You are a Romantic in the true sense of the word. The gate photo reminds me of "The Secret Garden".

  3. I love the gate, and "The Secret Garden" which the gate reminds of. Very lovely picture of you both. :)

  4. This is lovely, both the photos and the words.

  5. Awww... That is so sweet and lovely, Mary. Your words speak love as it should be. And I totally agree about the gate. Who could resist such a gate?

  6. What a wonderous post Mary. Tis true when you find your beloved or he finds you, you realize you're not alone in this world. You share life and accept your differences knowing you can only grow in the adventure thru the gate. Beautiful Mary!

  7. Lovely post. I'm glad I stopped by this morning.

  8. Your entire blog is beautiful. I am glad that I found it. The crotons remind me of my parents home in India. We had fifty two varieties of roses and over twenty verieties of crotons. The crotons were not as big as these in the pictures though. Ginger is beautiful. Your blog is definately noteworthy.

  9. What a fabulous photograph of you and your beloved!!
    And the words that you wrote were so touching.
    Wishing you at least another 37 years of such happiness!!

  10. Lauren, Thanks. You're such a good cheerleader!
    Rosaria, It's true, isn't it?
    CA Girl, Me too. I loved it when I saw it.
    Janet, Thank you.
    English Teacher, Praise indeed given your former profession!
    Patti, Thanks, I couldn't resist.
    Cheryl, Vero. I'm grateful for the love and the adventure!
    Linda, Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like it and that you took the time to comment.
    Munir, Thank you for visiting the blog and commenting. The crotons are in my daughter's and friend's yards. They are so beautiful. I had lots of photos but had to limit them finally!
    Gabriele, From your lips to the goddess's ears!


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