28 February 2011

Back Home

After three months on the road consulting at Crossroads in Antigua, visiting my daughter and her family in Trinidad, running a half marathon in Florida and, finally, touring this last week in Rome, I'm home. It feels good even though the weather is unseasonably cold (40's - 50's in the day). Being away puts home in an important perspective.

I had a good time away. I like winter in the Caribbean and Florida. I liked helping Crossroads further improve the world class services they offer, I liked training and running with my daughter for the half marathon for breast cancer treatment and research. I liked talking and playing scrabble with her. I liked the luxury of time in the every day life of my grands to play and talk with them. The days in Florida gave me precious time with nieces, great nieces and nephews, my sister-in-law and ten extra days with my daughter and the grands, as well as a chance to plan our yearly family gathering next summer.

My Honey was with me for about one month of the three giving me two months without him to think, write and have more individual alone time than I've had in our 37 years together. I liked it. It was time to mine riches. More about that later.

And I like being home now. I appreciate both my home and my Honey more deeply. I want to be here. With him. I like my life as we have created it. In this place. I don't yet know all the reasons I'm here, but I'm confident I will in the right time. At the end of my travels, I have a sense of peace and serenity that  sustains me. I'm grateful for this unexpected and altogether lovely gift.


  1. It's such a beautiful place, I think you have created a wonderful life for yourself, and you have the ability and wherewithal to travel when you are moved to do so. Glad to know you are so aware of how lucky you are!

  2. Having three months to visit at length and at leisure makes a big difference in maintaining relationships. So good that you are able to. And so nice of your hubby to get along without you. Glad you are back and appreciating the home fires.

    So, what new adventures are you planning?

  3. Welcome home!
    Oh how I love to follow your adventures....
    I've been away from computer for days and just caught up with your posts. The flower pictures are truly breathtaking.
    I cannot wait to hear all about Rome! One of the most special places I have ever visited! It's been 7 years and I still long to return.

  4. Just found your blog. I will retire (I prefer to call it transition) next January and I am making you my official idol! Your feeling of serenity after your travels made me feel serene just hearing about it.

  5. DJan, I remember my goal of traveling after retirement and now I'm doing it. And loving it. I do feel blessed.
    Rosaria, It's the everyday time together and for that long that was so nice. The new adventures focus on travel around Italy and Europe. My husband has programs he teaches in many European countries. I get to tag along and tour while he teaches. We take days before or after if the place is wonderful. And Italy is right here and it's, well, Italy!
    Nan, Thanks and have fun in NYC!
    Nanny, Rome is a most amazing city. We took a week to really be able to see it but just scratched the surface. We'll be back (it's only 2 hrs. away).
    Lauren, Thank you.
    Nita, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. You're in for a great treat next January. You can create your retirement so dream big!

  6. p.s. Nita, Do you have a blog?

  7. Your post just resonates with the peace and fulfillment in your life. And I agree about the value of both time away and time alone. There is nothing that does more to make us appreciate our "place" in the world and the people who share that place with us.

  8. Patti, So true, we are blessed indeed.


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