02 February 2011

Unhand The Bananas

The list of all I didn't know and am now learning continues to grow. For example, that the best way to ripen bananas is to cut the whole stem off the tree just before they're totally ripe. Then unhand (that's what they call it) the individual bunches (hands). My daughter is doing that above. Then put them in a box and put newspaper around them until they ripen a couple to a few days later. They are then succulently sweet, fully ripe and elegantly flavorful. 

Of course, many ripen at the same time, but I've got to say that isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned! Especially with these small, extra sweet ones, called chiquitos. Any over ripe left overs? Then it's banana nut bread and banana punch. Oh my!  Life is good and I'm swooning!


  1. Right from the source! It must be truly sweet to be in paradise during the coldest winter everywhere.

  2. I love bananas. Yum. Unfortunately, the banana we know now (commonly, the 'Cavendish') is due to be wiped out by disease like its predecessor, the 'Gros Michel'. All the commercial banana are clones - there is no genetic diversity and therefore, no ability to resist disease. I wonder what the 'next' banana is going to be like.

  3. I'll try wrapping the ones I buy in newspaper cause they aren't much riper than the ones just picked........
    I'll bet ours aren't nearly as good......

  4. I always have great intentions when buying bananas but never seem to eat them quickly enough. My freezer is filled with frozen ripe bananas biding their time until I can get around to making banana bread. Would be so much nicer to be able to just pull some fresh ones as I need/want them. Yet another reason this surely sounds like paradise.

  5. I like ripe bananas, too. Some people only like them green when they are starchy tasting to me. And although I like bananas, I don't eat them all that often. I'm not sure exactly why. Maybe because they do ripen all at once...

  6. Paradise! You're in Paradise. It's cold in the US. Enjoy your remaining time there.

  7. Rosaria, I like winter in the Caribbean!
    Lou, I just finished a great book about all that: "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by B. Kingsolver. She goes into what you're describing- fascinating and scary!
    Nanny, They are delicious.
    Lisa, Luckily they freeze well and banana nut bread is so tasty! We've had it the past 2 days for tea. Such a treat.
    DJan, They boil green bananas here for a side dish to a main meal. I like them that way, too.
    Lauren, Ours to relish.
    AM, Will do.

  8. We pay a pemium price for chiquitos, so I can understand swooning at the thought of an almost unlimited supply! They are so good for you, too.

  9. I'm one of the ones who like bananas just barely ripe, with still a tinge of green. Mmmm, my favorite.


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