12 May 2010

The Great Mystery

This week's prompt from Theme Thursday is "mystery":

We are surrounded daily
by the blessings of the great mystery.
We are part of that mystery.

We are connected to all that is.
With all our relations, we bring our gifts
to the sweet face of mother earth. Earth needs us.
We are gifted, clever, we have enough.

When we slow down, get in touch,
listen to that inner voice,
we re-dream our lives, heal, energize,
find new visions.

When we show up, pay attention,
we find our deep roots, discover mystery:
Our heart is dear and connected to all that is,
 all beings of all species for all time.

"I, I am the sacred words of earth. It is lovely indeed, it is lovely indeed." (Navajo poem)

Mary H. Warren


  1. Wonderful poem. I like the Mark Twain quote in your header, as well.

  2. I am so happy to find your blog. Italy is such a wonderful country and I look forward to reading all about your experiences. I live in Vicenza for 6 months, many years ago and toured much of the country 5 years ago. I long to return.

  3. yes, you speak of truth in life...
    awesome theme Thursday!

  4. Lovely, Mary. Just lovely.

  5. Yes, I AM! Great mystery post.

  6. Perfect. The mystery still unfolding all around us if our eyes remain open.

  7. Wonderful poem. Love your profile. You sound as though you are enjoying life to the fullest. How interesting that you moved to Italy after retirement. Wow.

  8. Willow, Jingle, Lou, Ronda, Cheryl - thanks!
    Nancy- thanks and it is indeed interesting and expanding me in all kinds of good ways!
    Nan, always close to the great mystery there!

  9. Life and all around us is a mystery isn't it. Glad you have eyes longing for discovery

    my mystery of sorts at http://wp.me/pDORj-DS


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