10 May 2010

10 Simple Joys

Loving life's simple things today:

1. Ate strawberries from our own plant, sweet and delicious.
2. Measured the tomato plants (23 inches so far).
3. Welcomed 3 lovely new family members- rose, jasmine and lavender.
4. Finished a book that warmed my heart: "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" by Margaret Craven.
5. Cherished memories from yesterday's talk with my daughter and grandchildren.
6. Studied Italian and found a fun word game Italians play which will increase my vocabulary.
7. Agreed to help a friend finish a fun craft project.
8. Sat in the sunshine and enjoyed it.
9. Read a Rumi poem here.
10. Realized again the importance of gratitude.

It is a good day.


  1. The simple joys are the best joys - except for our kids - they are the greatest joy of all.

  2. What a wonderful post! I love it here, and will be back for more of your inspiration;) Blessings, Lauren

  3. Thanks, Lauren. I love that I'm discovering the inspiration found in blogs- yours included!


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