28 May 2010

Traditional Values

This is in response to the prompt: "traditional" from the 100 Word Challenge.

Traditional Values

It's a continuous love story.
See the world in a new way,
set my own course,
Yet carry on the traditional ways
of the ancestors,
rooted in their values,
linked through the generations,
connected to family, nature, Spirit.
Tell my story now:
"sometimes a person needs a story more than food
to stay alive."*
Weave in the mystical
visible in vivid hues
audible in the language of poetry.
Loss led the way to epiphany for me and for my ancestors.
We survived,
strengthened to speak out
in my own voice
but not alone-
one with all that is.

*Crow and Weasel, B. Lopez


  1. very well organized values...
    beautiful writing!

  2. "..one with all there is." I love that.

    This is excellent, a lyrical road map through the generations to peace and harmony.

  3. I was fortunate in that I had a grandfather who was a fabulous storyteller and keeper of the family history... a history I am passing along to my children.

  4. Jingle, Thanks! Patti, From your lips to God's ears! Tara, What a great gift you are giving your children!

  5. Time marches on, the stories change just a bit, in the end, it's all the same story told with different voices.

  6. Cheryl- Well said. And we gift each other with our stories. I think it's what we're doing in our blogs.


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