14 May 2010

Make Breakfast Beautiful

I don't usually think very much about breakfast but it occurred to me today to make breakfast beautiful. Stay conscious. Even eat the same thing, but consciously, with forethought to make it beautiful. So I got out a pretty place mat, put a cut rose in a little vase, mixed our own strawberries with the local ones, fresh squeezed my orange juice (from spring, red oranges) and opened the door to the balcony to enjoy the view. Usually I eat outdoors these days but I wanted to have the lovely crystal candle holders on the table for this meal.

The usual cereal tasted so unusually delicious. The juice and strawberries, so sweet.


  1. Yummy! It's good to be good to yourself. We dress the table for guests. Why not for yourself?

  2. An appetizing elegant way to serve. Wish I were invited.

  3. We often light a candle and set the table with pretty napkins and stuff. It makes the meal into a banquet!

  4. Beautiful setting....wish I were there to eat with you and share your view!!!!


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