21 May 2010

Portrait of a Writer

This is in response to the prompt: "Portrait of a Writer" from the Inferno at the Artist Challenge.


arrange words with assurance
calculated to break open minds,
a conspiracy of words
intended to lay bare the heart.
Writers decipher life, give back our breath.

When given chaos, writers make maps,
an overview when view is overwhelming.
When words elude, writers invade life in search of them.
They spot new words, ascribe powers to them,
chant them again and again,
and they work magic.

Selected words
cast upon the wind of breath
astound, confound and dazzle,
a deluge of words
to electrify, jolt and startle.

Writers devise words, revere words, mint words,
make veracity vivid.
Writers controvert and make a difference.
Some maintain, some negate, some rupture,
some pronounce their pounce
then take it.

Writers speak up , speak out and witness.
They touch, invoke, invite.
Writers slip from the pack
wipe lipstick from their mouths
splash speech across the page
ignite sparks to blaze
full of flame.

Mary H Warren 20/5/10


  1. This is really good, Mary. I just love the phrase "...some pronounce their pounce then take it."

    I have a feeling I'll think of that often as I write.

  2. Wow - it's a beautifully put-together piece! I too found my favorite in
    "... some pronounce their pounce
    then take it."

    This is a lovely poem to read aloud; your words are poems in themselves.

  3. Patti and Judah- grazie mille!


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