20 June 2010

Dear John on Father's Day

Dear John,

When I thought of what gift to give you this day that celebrates fathers, I decided to give the gift of my thoughts, feelings and words.

In the time span of 33 years your fathering shines brightly. You have given of yourself to our daughter and now to our grandchildren in a selfless way. I have seen the times where you fought old messages, deep programing and unworthy examples to do this in an authentic way in tune with your values. You blazed new trails to do this and, yet, did it gracefully. I want you to know that I saw this and know some of the cost. I want you to know that I admire you and thank you for doing this. I want you to know that our daughter had a uniquely loving, supportive and graceful start as a result.

You did what you needed to do at every stage of your journey so far to become aware, grow and change to become your best self in relationship to those you love. I honor this choice of yours, I respect this choice in light of the difficulties you overcame to make it, I celebrate the father and man you've become in the process. And you're a fun Dad!

You often say: "When values are clear, decisions are easy." Yes, the decisions are easy but carrying them out is often not easy. Carrying out deep values demands more of us than we think we are able to give and then we find the resources to give it anyway. You've done that. I've watched you do that. I am inspired in that glimpse of how to be a best self to be better myself. I'm grateful for that inspiration.

So, Dear One, here's to you in this your loved role of father and grandfather. I salute you, I celebrate you, I love you. The happiest of father's days to you!

Hugs and kisses galore,


  1. Wow, I agree with California Girl: Your Hubbs is a good looking man!
    I also reread your bio. How cool you love being a Grandma. You know, I never could have children, but I became a "grandma" at the age of 46, when my Husband's very young daughter got pregnant and had a baby. This baby is now 5 years old and he is the most precious thing in the world to me.
    He calls me Grandma.
    Sadly, his two biological grandmothers are not involved with him, and neither is his biological mother.
    Such is life...
    Enjoy your weekend and your father's day celebrations!

  2. Beautiful! And he is so lucky to have you as his partner.

  3. What nice things you all had to say- thanks! And I agree he's sooooo cute! Still makes my heart skip a beat.

  4. Aw, how sweet! This is such a lovely Father's Day gift. I'm sure it is the best one he's ever received.

  5. Awww! That? was wonderful! You're a lucky woman... and so are your kids!

  6. Patti and HalfAsstic, Thanks! We need to speak out on the positive side of married love as well as the difficulties.


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