22 June 2010

But Wait- It's an Emergency!

Some things never change wherever we live. Day before yesterday at the beach I was in the sea with John. I was ready to go back to the umbrella when he encouraged me to stay. "Let's talk." I like to talk, like to hear John's take on things, like that he was extending this invitation so I said: "Sure!" "Will this count for later?" he asked with that eager, hopeful look in his eyes. I laughed right out loud!

Some background so you can appreciate this too: Talking is the way to my heart, hence John's favorite question before making love: "Have we talked enough yet?" He's a tactile and visual guy so words need not be exchanged at all as far as he's concerned. But in our 36 years together, we've both learned what's important to the other and have fun accommodating.

Fast forward to yesterday when John had an agenda of "sex later" and was trying to jump start the process. Guys- you gotta love em!

But wait, this is serious! Yesterday Mental P Mama posted the Aquarius (that's me) Horoscope for 6/21- 6/27 and it said that Mercury is "remaining in your romantic and creative sector until Friday..." That's potentially problematic given the short time frame but the alarming part is that it then said: "this is the last activity in your romantic and creative sector for the year." For the year?! And this is only June? For the year? It is an emergency!

So, it turns out that John had the right idea. I asked him if we shouldn't actually have a long-term affair with each other given the astrological outlook. Guess what- he agreed!


  1. Go John!! It's one thing to experience what you two have on that 'physical' level - it's quite another to have the joy and confidence in yourself to openly talk about it.

    Which is why I like you so much.

    That whole "joy and confidence" thing, I mean.

    But you knew that, right?

  2. Bwahahaha! Ahh, men. But yeah, you'd better cancel everything till Friday Night and just be, uh, romantic!

  3. Snicker snicker. You two are lucky to have each other, given the stars and all.

  4. Will this count for later? That is too good!!!
    Give John points for thinking!!

  5. Lou, Thanks, and friends we are! I think we ought to be talking even more about these important adult matters. I'm working on a post about how to keep things physical fun after 36 years- very important!
    Nan, Oh, you must be missing your honey! Will do!
    Patti, I am blessed given anything you can name!
    Nanny, He is always thinking! He makes me laugh!

  6. LOL. I just love it! And the stars do have a point...

  7. When you take care of things ahead of time, spontaneity can follow. Right?

    I loved this. :)

  8. Hi Mary

    it sounds as if you have one special partner there. I do love to hear about long long term relationships (like mine of 38 years) that are alive and thriving...

    Happy days


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