08 June 2010

Can You Relate?


I really laughed when I saw this on a blog! I was looking at a photo of my grandson, ever the curious explorer, and thinking that curiosity about life is such a great attitude to foster. Then I saw this and a blog idea was born! I mean, I like a clean house and I like to eat but everything else seems more important to me in terms of how I allocate my time. I'm not curious about cooking or cleaning and I am about so many other things. I live in Italy and want to explore Italy and Europe now that I'm here. So when I think about what I want to do for the day, or weekend or any stretch of time, it's not cooking and cleaning.

My husband does the cooking in our family and he reads cookbooks and magazine recipes, thinks about food combinations, plans meals, shops for the food and prepares delicious meals spiced with love. I don't, ever. When he's away and I run out of the meals he's left for me, (I know, I'm REALLY fortunate) I do something quick and easy, mostly salads.

My way around the cleaning is to keep our home neat, nicely decorated and homey. I actually enjoy going through home decorating magazines and stores and getting ideas to try. So, it looks clean if you don't look too close. Good enough for me. Of course, when company is coming or when it really needs it, we clean the house together, but quickly, and move on to other more important activities.

Current activities more important than cooking and cleaning: reading, writing, talking with family, talking with friends, outings with family or friends, walking, running, hiking, gardening, going to the beach, going for adventures of any sort, traveling, exploring, seeing new places... well, you get the picture!

Is it a case of defective girl genes or do other women resonate with this?


  1. I have two fridge magnets:

    "Dull women have immaculate houses"


    "A dirty house is the sign of a brilliant party!"

    Nuff said!

  2. And by the way... COOL SHADES, Khalil!

  3. I WISH my husband cooked. He can but he won't. I love to cook but after all day in the office, I'm often too damn tired to care. like right now, It's 4:30PM, Tue afternoon, and I just want to go home, put my feet up and read.

    Cleaning? I pay for that. It just spoils half a day to take that on. ugh.

  4. My hubby does all the cooking and laundry, and most of the shopping. Happily, neither of us stresses about cleaning. Like you, I'd rather spend time with the family or sew or blog or garden... almost ANYTHING rather than clean!

  5. Surface neatness, hidden clutter. That's my modus operandi.

  6. Nan- Like the magnets! CA Girl- Know what you mean about the tired thing. When I worked and cooked in the past, I loved my crock pot! (BTW, I lived in CA for 14 1/2 years and loved it). BLO Grandma- methinks we're both lucky! Patti- Sounds like a good mantra to me!

  7. So many French women seem obsessed by getting the cleaning, ironing and cooking done. Not me! I think you've got your priorities straight.

  8. I had no idea that we were the same when it comes to cleaning - what a fun discovery! And I'm one of the lucky ones, my honey keeps me well-fed, even when she's out of town!

  9. Betty C.- welcome and thanks.
    Hi Judah- we are lucky and we are alike!


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