10 June 2010

The MEME Continues

This versatility award came to me courtesy of Nan at Things I've Found in Pockets which, if you haven't checked out, you owe it to yourself to do. She's the mother of 3 sons and has just moved from Trinidad to Bournemouth, England. I had the great good fortune of meeting, hanging out with and coming to really like her and her family in Trinidad where my daughter lives. She's a wonderful writer, an all around great person and she cracks me up!

The rules are simple: Thank the person who gave you the Versatility Award, Tell 7 things about yourself that others might not know and, then, pass the award on to other bloggers whom you love and, I suppose, find to be versatile.

1. I lose track of time. Often. As in, I really have no idea whether 20 minutes have passed or 2 hours. I get so focused on my reading, or my conversation, or my companion, or my writing, or my shopping that I loose all sense of the clock. Even when I'm getting ready to go somewhere, I usually end up either being late or inappropriately early. I've developed a few strategies to handle this so I can get to appointments on time but it continues to amaze me how often it happens. I'll hear myself saying to my husband: "Oh, I lost track of the time." He just laughs. He never does. Ever.

2. Even though I don't clean my house until I have fluffy dust bunnies dancing about, I like to iron. Go figure.

3. I ran a marathon last year to celebrate my retirement. I finished 7th in my age group.

4. After 36 years of decorating with green, blue, peach, turquoise, etc., I chose RED and gold as the primary decorative colors in the living room of our new apartment. It's a lovely brownish red and a buttery gold that is so different for me and so sumptuously snazzy!

5. I listen to traditional Irish music. Not the americanized Irish music but the west of Ireland, passed down through generations, foot-stomping and heartbreaking real traditional Irish music.

6. I have lived on the east coast (MA, NY, ME), mid west (NE) and west coast (CA), the island of Antigua and now, Italy. That's one way to become versatile.

7. I had a vision when on a retreat at 19 years old. It was this- we are all one- all beings of all species for all time.

I like Nan's approach to passing this on in which she invited anyone in her blog list to pick up the Versatility Award and run with it. I'm eager to read more about those who pick it up. You're hereby invited.


  1. Cool post. I may do this Monday or Tuesday - but I don't do awards any more - it presents one with "Sophie's Choice", and I don't enjoy that. I realize that this is not presented in the fashion that awards typically are, but I can't make exceptions to the rule just because the rules are altered.

    So I'll just follow along with the idea - if not the intent.

    And yes, you ARE one very versatile lady. And foxy, too.

  2. Well, as the only comment on this post, it was a good one! Thanks. I understand about the choice awkwardness. I hadn't done that "tell things about yourself" and wanted to and I appreciated the way Nan did it. BTW, your post on "epidemic" inspired mine which I'll post tomorrow together with some surprises!

  3. (pant pant) Here I come! I'm just running a little behind.

    Ironing: Wanna come over?
    Red & gold: Pictures, please. It sounds positively regal.
    Your vision: I like that a lot. If only we could find some way to spread it around. Maybe something in the water...

    I'm so glad you did this. It was fun getting to know a bit more about you.

    I did something like this back in February when I was honored with the Honest Scrap Award. Passing it on was easy. I just sent it to every blogger I knew. I was so new to blogging, I knew very few people. Now, I'm with Lou. It's just too hard to pick. I like your approach much better.


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