05 June 2010


Well, here I am in Germany. I'm visiting friends from Maine who used to live in Dusseldorf and are hired back each year to sing with the opera here. Since I live in Italy now, I flew over to see them, the city and attend the opera as well. The weather, which is dicey usually according to the locals, has been spectacular. I've walked all over, had time with old friends and met new friends and just in general had a great time. My morning walks or runs are by the Rhine River. The Old City is closed to traffic, pedestrian friendly and lovely. I've met ex-pats from the states or the UK who have lived here for years. I'm reminded of my experience in Italy with the unique combination of locals, ex-pats from all over and all manner of combinations of couples, countries and languages. It's stimulating, expanding and so interesting. The advantage of international living. This is my first time online since last Tuesday, though. So, I'm just touching base and will be back home on Monday to get back into the swing of blogs and contact with other internetties! See you then.


  1. Have a wonderful time......
    Italy, Germany.....sigh.....

  2. You are such a world traveler! Enjoy!


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