26 June 2010

Free Hugs in Sondrio, Italy


  1. That is so lovely. It brought a tear to my eye. Thank you, Mary!

  2. sniffling over here too!
    there was a young boy a few towns away from where i live who sat on a busy street corner giving free hugs. the paper came and interviewed him and he said he had heard about a woman in india who hugs people so he wanted to do it too.
    her name is Amma and I have been hugged by her in NYC, but it's the same beautiful message no matter who does it.
    so beautiful!

  3. love love love free hugs...so powerful! Thanks for sharing..

  4. My friend sent me this and I just love it! It also brought tears to my eyes. It's sometimes just so simple...

  5. LOVE it! And one of my favourite songs, too! How did I miss this in June?


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