04 October 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Patti at Pattiken and the Muses- Home Away From Home has a wonderful post entitled: The Superhero to check out (please!). Besides her inspiring story of her daughter, she describes a collaboration between two other bloggers that they call the "Saving Second Base Project". What great idea and what a great title! Patti learned of this through yet another blogger, I learned about it through Patti and now I'm hoping you'll link on over and read and learn, too.

My dear sister-in-law, Peg, smart, loving, beautiful, an elegant dresser, who was crazy about my daughter and grandchildren, died 3 years ago from recurring breast cancer and anything I can do to promote awareness of the fight to end this disease does my heart good. I'm running in the National Breast Cancer Marathon in February in Jacksonville, Florida. My daughter and nieces are involved this time to make this a family event so I'm very excited. Check it out: 26.2 with Donna - The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer. (Say "yes" to that title!) 100% of the raised funds go to breast cancer research and care.

Thousands of runners show up for this race and it has amazing community support. Neighbors provide food, drinks, cheers, signs and general merriment all along the route. It's inspirational and an honor to run with breast cancer survivors and poignant to see the names of those who lost their fight listed on so many participants' shirts. There are just so many names.

I've seen ads for runs, walks and gatherings of all sorts to promote breast cancer awareness.  And, now, blogs! Spread the word- do breast self exams every month and intervene early with anything suspicious.

What are you doing or what have you heard about others doing in this worthy effort? Let's spread the word. Together.


  1. You couldn't have found a better cause. I lost my mother at age 27 from breast cancer. Now I'm thinking I need to dust off those, well, walking not running, shoes. Best of luck in the race and enjoy your family!

  2. Yay, Nancy! Avon has walks all over the country for breast cancer research. Your mother was so young. Must have been horrifying for you. Puts the photo of you snuggling your grandchild in a whole different light. Gratefully.


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