28 October 2010

Running Views

Today dawned brisk (55), beautifully clear and sunny here at home in my little Cittá Sant'Angelo.  My run was exhilarating with views that made my heart soar.  I run the Circonvallazione (ring road) around our town for 45 minutes each Tuesday and Thursday. Later, I took my camera to shoot the route and share a little more of where I live.

I start up a steep walkway, stairway and hill from my apartment to reach the Circonvallazione.

As I come around the first corner, this is what I see. It's the Gran Sasso, highest peak of the Apenine Mts. bright with the first snow of the season which fell last night.

Then to the top of the hill with the mountains in the background and the Circonvallazione over to the right.

Just through one of the four gates into the town, I run by a little local fall color.

Then a smaller hill by the elementary school and one of our many churches.

Down the road, on the side of town opposite Gran Sasso, I come to the park and run the path around it.

And see this view of the Adriatic Sea.

Back on the Circonvallazione, I run by these fields at the back side of town.

To come back to and end with the magnificent Gran Sasso as I head back down the hill to home.

It's not the only reason why I love to run but it sure is a strong reinforcer! I feel deeply grateful to live in and get to enjoy such a beautiful part of the world.

Stay tuned for the photos of Sundays runs.


  1. Oh you are so blessed! And even more so that you know it;)

  2. Wow, I can see why you like your morning run. I am so fascinated by your choice to live as an expat. We are also considering a possible move after retirement to living outside the US. You make it look appealing.

  3. Wow. Nice country. And the town appears very quaint and old. Very nice.

  4. No wonder you love it there. What lovely views!

  5. I think I would take up running with views like that....so very awesome! Pause and soak up some for me...thank you!

  6. The views help! But, it's your enthusiasm that keeps you going and going. You are prompting us all to get off our hides today.

  7. MP Mama, I am and I do know and take time to feel the gratitude.
    Nancy, Not to minimize the "what in the world did I do moments" but it is a life changing, perspective shifting, mind expanding and utterly lovely experience! And the people...
    Lou, We have parts of streets built in the 1200's! It's an ancient hill city that has kept alive by growing and changing but connected to the past.
    Patti, The views are amazing and regularly take my breath away. And I do love it.
    Nanny, I do pause when I get to the top of the hill and have that vista before me- I'm soaking, I'm soaking.
    Rosaria, My favorite cafe in Paese is the Rose Cafe run by Rosario. I think you'd like it. Yes, let's exercise together and encourage each other!

  8. This is my first time here and you have taken my breath away -- and I'm not even running! What a lovely place in which you live and run. I can't wait to see more.

  9. Lisa, Welcome and thanks for visiting!


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