26 October 2010

Sardinia, 4 (and final)

Did you know that Sardinia produces the greatest number of centenarians in Europe? True.
Those in the mountainous region known as the Barbágia, with it's forested slopes, lush meadows and a scattering of villages, say it's the unique and unspoiled environment that offers their quality of life and longevity. They see themselves as the custodians of a treasure of inestimable value. Theirs are authentic villages with hidden inner beauty. We visited one of these places, Dorgali, the day before we left the Island to discover what they call "the Heart of Sardinia".

They were hosting an annual autumn festival where people open their homes to display traditional local costumes, crafts handed down from parent to child over the centuries, art, music, dance and food prepared and wine made according to ancient recipes. All this happens in various towns of the Barbágia, including Dorgali, from September to December.

I came across this grandmother helping a young woman with her costume:

And these three cuties! Notice their hair fixed like the older woman's:

Just a small sample of the numerous crafts:

The people were proud of their heritage, generous with their food and wine and did indeed offer a unique slice of life to savor. We came away full.

A view on the way back, where the mountains reached the sea:

I felt happy to take in and be taken in by this beautiful place.

Signing off from Sardinia with memories to treasure.


  1. So, so gorgeous. Definitely going on the list;)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Local festivals and traditions like that are so much fun.

    But who's that matinee idol with his arm draped around your shoulders? Does John know about this?

  3. MP Mama, Come and visit. We'll have a great time!
    Isn't he cute?! Still make my heart skip a beat.


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