24 October 2010

Sardinia, 3

Of doors, domes and bonsais.

We're staying in Cannigione, a fishing village in the northeast corner of Sardinia. It's near the rich and famous Costa Smeralda (where we're not staying!) and offers unspoiled beaches, uncrowded conditions, 70-72 degree sunny days (still) and delicious seafood, especially their specialty lobster grilled over open fires. Also delightful are the little cafes by the marina, the beach which I showed in my first Sardinia post and the walking path all along the sea. What a way to take a morning run!

Sheep are everywhere and the local cheese is pecorino sardo made from ewe's milk - yummy. Each day we explore local towns (Santa Teresa di Galluria, Porto Cervo, Palau, Alghero, Arzachena and Dorgali), eat local food (think grilled tuna, seafood paella, fish stew, parchment like bread and pastries flavored with lemon, almond and orange) and drink local wine ( I don't know their names but they're reds and whites and very good).  We're having a great time!

It's hard to decide which photos to share so I decided to pick a random assortment of doors:


And 300 year old bonsais:

I hope you enjoy some of what this beautiful corner of the world has to offer. 


  1. That last picture has an unusual tree. People all want to create a bit of whimsy in their world, don't they?

  2. This sounds so delightful. The names of those towns sound like poetry. Love the photo of the arched doorway with flowers cascading. just beautiful. I'm glad you're have fun.

  3. PattiKen said it better than I could have. Poetry.

    And lovely to look at, too.

  4. the food sounds amazing, the countryside is beautiful and the first bonsai looks as though it might walk away on its own. I am not very hungry with itchy feet.

  5. Lakeviewer, it's another kind of 300 yr old bonsai!
    Patti, I often think that Italian sounds like poetry on my tongue.
    Lou, Did you see the bubble rocks next to the driftwood door?
    CA Girl, The food was a highlight for me. The tuna steak was the best piece of fish I've ever eaten!


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