21 October 2010

Sardinia, 2

Sardinia is quite diverse in it's geography but the rocks are amazing and ever present. Here are some photos to share.

Hills of rocks are everywhere.

I call this cool rocks.

There are shore rocks.

Jagged peaks on this side of the Island.

And my favorite photo from yesterday (also with jagged peaks in the distance).

I'll give more information in my next post about this wonderful place.


  1. What a different look from where I was last month! I cannot wait to get back there;)

  2. Cool rocks!! Obviously, volcanic activity there involved high viscosity, highly gaseous lava flows - which left bubbles forever frozen in time.

  3. Rocks always imprint and fix our focus. Beautiful.

  4. Lou, you never cease to amaze me!
    Come on back, MPMama!
    The rocks are compelling, lakeviewer.

  5. Bubbles, huh? Nice. I really like the light on the water, with the misty hills beyond. Very beautiful pictures, Mary.


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