09 December 2010

Beauty and the Beast

Look closely. It's a neon caterpillar, like something out of Alice in Wonderland. It was just outside my door.

I'm frustrated with the lack of ability to make changes to my photos, can't crop, enhance or anything else since there's no program on this (work [after hours]) computer. Does that mean I've become a nerd?
But yesterdays evening sky was lovely.


  1. Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Your post was a lovely tribute to her.

    This caterpillar does look like he could have been in Alice in Wonderland! Our weather is too cold for most insects to be active now, unless they try to sneak inside my house..lol

  2. Your photos are great! Enhancing them is such fun, but it is not necessary unless you are selling a product and need a special light, or a special angle.

  3. Who cares if you can't crop? It's still a beautiful caterpillar, and sky. But I know what you mean. I crop all the time using my iPhoto tool on the Mac.

  4. You could always do simple edits on www.picnik.com . Accounts are free and the software there does a nice job.

    But your shots look nice anyway. :)

  5. beautiful shots like that don't need editing.....

  6. Spectacular sunset. That is such a beautiful part of the world. Your daughter sounds like a treasure.

  7. Pat, Thanks.
    Rosaria, Thanks, I see what I would do with them of course, but you're right.
    DJan, Me too- iPhoto on my Mac- love it!
    Lou, I should have asked you 5 weeks ago! Thanks for the good recommendation.
    Nanny, Thanks.
    Allison, She is. i'm grateful.

  8. Great pics even without changing them. Love the little caterpillar.

  9. I really like palm trees. Aren't you just loving the sound of rustling fronds?

    Very cool caterpillar. See Johnny Depp anywhere?

  10. Found you today through Blissed-Out Grandma. Glad you're here! We were in Italy in October, so now I envy you.

  11. Nancy, The photo doesn't quite show just how NEON yellow his stripes were.

    Patti, Really. This kind of palm has almost solis fronds that split in the wind and make the loveliest sounds, like the wind in sails.

    Linda, Welcome! Oh, yes, Italy. I'm in love with the art, architecture, history, people, food, wine, well you get the picture.


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