17 December 2010

Their Map

This is in respose to Theme Thursday's prompt, "map":

She watched him as he slept.
She never tired of his face,
remarkable in its change over their 37 years together,
the warm familiarity of it despite the lines etched there.
She thought of them as the map of their journey.
There are the lines from his easy smile that lights up his face and her heart.
There are the lines from his worry about their daughter when she was sick
near death and so very tiny.
 There are the lines from his grief when they lost the baby
and he feared for her life as well.
There are the lines from his fierce love,
arrow straight and true, uneeringly true, a thing to be relied on she knew.
His face, their map, chronicles their story, reminds her how far they've come,
it guides those who take time to read it. 


  1. This is truly beautiful. I will remember the lines in my sweet husband's face in this way. Thank you! Annie

  2. Oh My! What a glorious love poem!
    Merry Christmas to both of you. May you celebrate 37 more years together.

  3. I had a hard time seeing through my tears to finish this beautiful poem.....so touching! I wish I could get my thoughts out of my head and onto paper....what a gift!

  4. My parents had 37 years together before my father died at 62. Mama never stopped missing him. I met my guy in 1992 and we married in 1994, so we will mostly likely not ever have 37 years, but we are making every day count. Thank you for the lovely poem.

  5. Your years together are such a love story. Would that everyone could read the map to such happiness in John's face...

  6. Annie, It's our character etched there.
    Rosaria, From your lips to God's ears!
    Nanny, I'm pleased the poem meant so much to you. It popped into my head when I read the word "map". Probably because I'm missing my Honey after 6 weeks apart. Love is a gift.
    Pam, Thanks.
    DJan, Good for you! It's all any of us can do- make each day count.
    Patti, Vero. I'm lucky to have him as my life partner.

  7. this is beautiful...i have always thought of creases or wrinkles as maps of where we have been...but you said it so well...


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