28 December 2010

Family Photos

Ending the year and starting the new one in the rain forest of Trinidad surrounded by the ones I love most deeply in the world. The lush environment pictured in the background is my daughter's front yard. We're training together to run in a half marathon and run further into the rain forest 3 days a week. Other times we take walks or hikes to lovely destinations (more photos to come). So much beauty to see, hear, touch and even taste in this fertile, bountiful place.

Don't we look happy with the grands? Besides gaming (in a house without TV or high speed access) and voracious reading, the older one (8) has found Monopoly and it feeds his surprising entrepeneurial sprit. The younger one (4 1/2) loves fashion and design (in a house without TV or magazines) and her new status as student which has meant daily reading and math "homework". As my daughter says: "a fashion diva and a business man, can you imagine two more unlikely outcomes from me and their father while living in a tiny village in the rain forest"? The answer is a resounding "no"!
But they're happy and healthy kids doing what they love and throwing themselves into whatever that is whole heartedly. I celebrate their differences and am grateful to be part of nurturing them. To say nothing of playing with them! It's a great way to start the New Year.

May your New Year be filled with warm companionship, family joy, playful moments and places of beauty.


  1. What a lovely place to be. And your grands are just beautiful. Isn't it amazing how kids come up with their own passions, seemingly out of the blue. Hooray for parents supporting and encouraging them. You never know how a fashionista and an entrepreneur might change the world.

  2. I hope Kamala finds some good styles in that green suitcase that's coming their way today! And Khalil will love 'Coraline' but it's a little spooky... Sam thought so, though mum gave it a read-through and she says not :) we'll have to have Khalil's review when he's done. Love to you all!

  3. What a beautiful family! And you all look so healthy and fit, it's amazing to see. I look forward to more pictures and hearing of your adventures.

  4. I am so happy to see you with your family....I know how you have looked forward to this reunion.
    Such a beautiful place to train for your marathon......
    Have a happy, happy new year!

  5. You do indeed look happy. I am always taken with how beautiful those children are.

  6. Such a happy, lovely family and what an incredible environment, geographically as well as the one created. So many blessings! Best wishes for more to come in 2011, for you and yours!

  7. Looks like a holiday in paradise. It's good to see you with your family and all of you looking so happy.

  8. I've read from today's post backwards. How wonderful for you to be in Trinidad. If I keep reading backwards in time will I know the reason she is there? Hr home sounds idyllic, kind of Swiss Family Robinson. I love the outdoor cooking and the natural cooling from the waterfalls.

    Your grandchildren are adorable.


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