02 December 2010

Happy 94th, Dad

My father just celebrated his 94th birthday. He lives in Boston so I called him to wish him Happiness. He's sharp as a tack and asked me about some current events he had read of in his news magazine. I had no clue because he's better read than I am about all that.

So I changed the topic and asked him how he was feeling:

"Oh, I'm slowing down quite a bit and I don't like that at all."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Dad. So, what are you planning to do for your birthday then?"

"I'm going dancing at a resort in New Hampshire for the weekend. You know that band I like? Well, they're playing and invited me to go and come back in their bus. I'm their oldest follower."

Does that mean my father's a groupie? At 94?

He went, he danced, he had a great time. You gotta love it!

Happy Birthday, Dad.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad and congratulations to you for having such a vibrant spirit close to you! My dad turned 89 in July and is dealing with the loss of my stepmother on November 7. He is a strong man and I have been proud of him throughout this difficult time. Annie

  2. My mother is also 94 and seems to have a more active social life than I do. I think we are blessed to have parents who model for us that aging does not mean that one must stop living.

    I saw a comment you made on sixtyfivewhatnow and decided to come over and check our your blog. I love your profile. What a great line: "ancestor in training..."

  3. Happy birthday to your Dad! It's fun to think of him as a "groupie"! :)

    My 88 year old Mom tells me she is "slowing down" but then can walk two miles pushing her shopping cart without any difficulty! It's nice to see elderly people able to enjoy their lives to the fullest!

  4. It's the dancing! Your dad is keeping his feet and heart moving, and that is great news no matter what. Happy Birthday to him.

  5. How wonderful! What spirit....and I see the resemblance;)

  6. Wonderful! Being a nurse has made me so deeply aware of all the possibilities of aging. It sounds like your dad is doing it beautifully.

  7. "Slowing down" indeed. It makes me wonder what he did for amusement back when he was still good.

    I can't help but think of the vacuum my 94 mother-in-law lives in. Not only has she has slowed down, she now lives in reverse.

  8. Neither one of my parents made it out of their sixties, so I am just the tiniest bit jealous of your fabulous dad! :-) Maybe I can make up for what they weren't able to do. Hope I will be able to go dancing when I'm 94!

  9. Annie, Thanks and blessings on your Dad.
    Sally, Welcome! I agree about the parents- we're lucky.
    Pat, So true.
    Rosaria, Yes, I think so, too.
    Lauren, Thanks!
    Elisabeth, HI! He is. I'm glad.
    Patti, That's a whole other post! Sad about your mil, though.
    DJan, Me too! As for you, go for it. Leave a different legacy to your kids.


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