20 December 2010

Holiday Fun from the Caribbean

Barry, my quiet, soft spoken co-worker came to work with his car decorated like this:

And the back looking like this:

But he was most pleased with how it looked at night:

Part of the fun of all this was how incongruous this fabulous car is when owned by quiet, unassuming Barry! It's a show stopper for sure.
Happy Holidays to all of you from the Caribbean!
May your dreams come true and may you do something unexpected and delightful.


  1. Oh, how happy. Sounds like deep within Barry dwells a wildly free spirit. The holidays must be his time to shine. Love it!

  2. How fun....Good Job Barry.
    Happy, happy holidays to you in sunny Caribbean!

  3. Woo, Woo! Barry must have a wild side! Thank you for letting us see such a happy spirit at Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Well, a true show stopper, on or off road. Happy Holidays!

  5. Wow, gotta love it. And Barry, a creative genius.

  6. Patti, Yes, he has that shy, sly smile. What fun!
    Nanny, Thanks, and to you.
    Annie, I guess he does. Hid it well up to now! Thanks for the Christmas greetings and joy to you!
    Rosaria, Happy Holidays to you, too. Did you see the snow in Italy I missed?
    Blissed Grandma, I do! Are you in bliss in your retirement? Hope so!


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