01 April 2011


To celebrate National Poetry month


And you wait. You wait for the one thing
that will change your life,
make it more than it is--
something wonderful, exceptional,
stones awakening, depths opening to you.

In the dusky bookstalls
old books glimmer gold and brown.
You think of lands you journeyed through,
of paintings and a dress once worn
by a woman you never found again.

And suddenly you know: that was enough.
You rise and there appears before you
in all its longings and hesitations
the shape of what you lived.


This wise poem by Rilke reminds me to be grateful for my life just as it is. It is already exceptional; stones awaken and depths open to me in the family and friends with whom I have the great honor to be in relationship. On this journey through remarkable lands, I've discovered treasures, and one of them is me "in all my longings and hesitations". I have enough. I am enough. 

For more inspiration by Rilke, give yourself the gift of  "A Year With Rilke" generously posted by Lorenzo and Ruth. 


  1. "... the shape of what you lived." Wow. That's a stunning thought. Thank you for that gift.

  2. Lou, I loved that line as well!

  3. very moving words....thanks for sharing that poem with me...I have never read it.

  4. So beautiful to connect with the energy of gratitude.

    Blissings to you!

  5. Rilke is not the only wise one here. You are too.

  6. Rilke was one of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's favorite authors.

    I like the line..."And suddenly you know: that was enough." The hope, and the past suddenly become enough.

  7. So poignant, thanks for posting this, it made me feel grounded, I took a deep breath which I really needed.

  8. Nanny, I hadn't either and loved it. Glad you did too.
    E.G., Thank you.
    Friko, You're very kind.
    Sally, What a good realization- we're enough.
    Lynne, I'm pleased for you. Deep breaths feel good.

  9. So important to stop and ponder....Going to hang this one in my quiet corner.....

  10. Truly makes you consider what you have. Like others, the line that most resonates for me is, "And suddenly you know: that was enough." I need to consider such words of peace and gratefulness more often.

  11. Lauren, I like that you have a quiet corner to ponder.
    Lisa, Yes, the shape of our life is enough. Lovely.

  12. It is much to say "I have enough."

    I don't do it often enough.

    Lovely poem & your thoughts.

  13. CG, We need poems to remind us to say this to ourselves, remind ourselves what's true.


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