27 April 2011

"The Glass and the Bowl"

From a Native American writer during National Poetry month:

I love the writings of Louise Erdrich, a prolific author of novels, including Love Medicine and The Plague of Doves, children's books, including The Birchbark House  and poetry, including Baptism of Desire that contains this lovely poem.

Her poem captures that incomparable fullness of feeling that comes unbidden in precious moments of parenting when "nothing seems withheld" even in the "absence of refuge in the design". Those moments are sweet and we need them.

The Glass and the Bowl

The father pours the milk from his glass
into the cup of the child,
and as the child drinks
the whiteness, opening
her throat to the good taste
eagerly, the father is filled.
He closes the refrigerator
on its light, he walks out
under the bowl of frozen darkness
and nothing seems withheld from him.
Overhead, the burst ropes of stars,
the buckets of craters,
the chaos of heaven, absence
of refuge in the design.
Yet down here, his daughter
in her quilts, under patterns
of diamonds and novas,
full of rich milk,

Louise Erdrich

What sweet moments are you savoring?


  1. Yes, yes, such "fullness of feeling" from a small act made large. So sweet.

    Today I'm savoring a photo I stumbled upon that I hadn't noticed before. One in which my grandson is leaning into me with a look of pure love on his face. "Fullness of feeling" is the perfect description.

  2. that is the most precious picture.

    I am savoring the upcoming weekend with my daughters, grandchildren and my brother. We don't all get together enough, life is so busy and it is such a shame. I can't wait.

  3. I'm savoring weekly visits with my dad, who's just entered hospice care. At 95 he's calm and accepting, and his sense of humor is intact. Haven't been ready to blog about it, but maybe soon. And Louise Erdrich is my favorite writer.

  4. Lovely! Hope you are enjoying sweet spring moments too.

  5. This poem is beautiful. The photo of your sleeping granddaughter is priceless.

  6. Oh that precious baby! And I have always loved Louise Erdrich...her books are powerful.

  7. Lisa, Those photos are precious and the love, priceless.
    Nanny, Have a great time with your family.
    Nancy, Blessings on him. My Dad turns 95 this year and also has a great sense of humor.
    Rosaria, Yes, we're enjoying spring- lunch out on the balcony today.
    Sally, The look of innocence and peace.
    Lauren, They are. The Plague of Doves was nominated for a Pulitzer.

  8. Oh, I love that! And the picture of the sweet baby at the bottom was perfect. Right at this minute I'm savoring a fire in the fireplace. Probably the last of the season. (Hopefully.)

  9. Lovely poem. And such a sweet picture. Thanks for sharing them.


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