12 April 2011

New Awning, New Room

After the profound poetry I've been re-reading for postings this month, something simple and wonderful happened. Our balcony faces south so the good news is it has sun all day. On hot days, some of which we've been conjuring up lately, it's too hot to sit out mid-day. But, last week our local Home Depot type of store had a special on awnings and one of them coordinated beautifully with our apartment colors and my next door neighbor and I decided to buy one each.

The men came today to put it up and I love it! It provides just the right shade to use the balcony for all three meals and projects and lounging and reading, etc. So one awning provides a whole new room. That's all from my little corner of Italy. Nothing heavy, deep or real just a new way to enjoy my life here. Simple pleasures, wonderful enough in their own right.


  1. Love it! We had the exact same awning on our last house! Great minds.....

  2. It's just what the sun ordered, eh? It looks divine, and inviting. Wish I could sit and chat with you with a glass of wine and lovely stories.

  3. I love the awning. The yellow goes perfectly with the red. It all looks so happy and sunny. I'd love to come over chat also.

  4. I love it! It is bright, cheerful and useful.

  5. Lauren, It's great isn't it?
    Rosaria, Come, we'll sip wine and share. I'd like that.
    Sally, Apt description. Come, we'll all three sit and chat.
    Nancy, Good combo.

  6. Oh, very nice. That spot looks so inviting. I know how much you must enjoy it.


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