04 April 2011

Spring Gratitude

Poems added for National Poetry month

I thank you God for this most amazing day, 
for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, 
and for the blue dream of sky 
and for everything which is natural, 
which is infinite, which is yes. 

~ e. e. cummings

These photos are from a trip this weekend to friends in Arsita, Italy up into the Apenine Mountains on a perfect Spring day.

Gran Sasso

Winding Mountain Road

New Green on Old Stone

Peach Tree Blooms

Daisies in Ancient Cobblestones

Tile Roofs and Mountains

Spring Clouds on Gran Sasso

Threshold of Spring

Harshness gone. All at once caring spreads over
the naked gray of the meadows.
Tiny rivulets sing in different voices.
A softness, as if from everywhere,

is touching the earth.
Paths appear across the land and beckon.
Surprised once again you sense
its coming in the empty tree.

(Uncollected Poems)

Taken  from A Year With Rilke 

posted  today 

by Lorenzo and Ruth.


  1. Such beautiful photos! We're definitely Springing here... flowers everywhere, sudden sunbeams, and warmth!

  2. How beautiful! Grand Sasso is so lovely, and I especially like the picture of the ancient stones. Happy springtime!

  3. Fabulous! Just fabulous!!
    I look at those cobblestones and think of all the people that went across them. The stories are endless.
    I love this post. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Nan, Isn't it fabulous!
    Lauren, Okay!
    DJan, Yes, these stones are a thousand years old!
    Gabriele, Yes, imagine all the feet and stories!

  5. You can turn in any direction, walk a few yards, and there is more to see and enjoy than anywhere else I know of. Keep the pictures coming; we love them.

  6. Rosaria, So true. We are in love with Italy!

  7. Such lovely vistas. Oh my goodness.

  8. Lou, Aren't they gorgeous? And you speak the language. What are you waiting for?

  9. Love it! The photos are just amazing.

  10. So very beautiful!!!
    I lived in Italy for 6 months....many years ago and it holds such a special place in my heart!
    I love getting to see parts of it thru your camera....Thank You

  11. Sally, thanks, it's beautiful country.
    Nanny, We're in the Abruzzo region which has 4 national parks and lovely medieval villages to explore. Where did you live?

  12. Breathtaking photos! I love these, from faraway vistas to what's directly below your feet. I appreciate seeing the world through your eyes ... and the lovely poetry, too. Happy day to you!

  13. Lisa, Thank you for your words and your wish for happiness.

  14. Such beautiful photos! It reminds me of when we visited my husband's cousins in the town of Sousa and we could see the Alps on the horizon.

    That e.e. cummings poem is among my favorites!

  15. I LOVE those steep roads in Italy. Actually, I just love Italy and want to go back.

  16. Pat, I haven't yet seen the Italian Alps but want to.
    AM, I understand why.

  17. I can smell the air, feel the silkiness of the breeze just looking at those pictures.

  18. Lynne, That last poem is for you right now.


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