24 April 2011

Sonnet 18

From a British Poet during National Poetry month:

William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 is perhaps the most famous of his 154 sonnets.  Reference to the first line pervades our literature and language. Some see this sonnet as a tribute to the power of art or as the appreciation of the transient nature of life and beauty. But the sonnet is also a beautiful tribute to love.

So I dedicate this sonnet to my love, John, to celebrate his birthday and his exquisite love for me, our daughter and our grandchildren. "As long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee." Those who know John know how true this is, his love for family and friends defines him, gives him life.

Give yourself a treat, read this with fresh eyes as if you had never heard it before. Let it delight you.

Sonnet 18

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimmed;
And every fair from fair sometimes declines,
By chance, or nature's changing course untrimmed;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest:
Nor shall Death brag thou wanderest in his shade
When in eternal lines to time thou growest:
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

William Shakespeare
(1564 - 1616)

This is quintessential John: piled high with stuffed animals and dolls by our granddaughter for their photo together and he just said "sure".

p.s. Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter)!


  1. Happy Birthday John! Buon Compleanno!

  2. A perfect poem to cuddle up with. Buona Pasqua a te e ai tuoi.

  3. A lovely tribute; happy birthday to your husband and Buona Pasqua to you and yours.

  4. I am so charmed by the great romance that is yours with John. Add my birthday wishes to the pile, and to both of you, Happy Easter.

  5. You are just so fortunate to be loved by such a one, and I also wish him a happy birthday. Blessings to you on this Easter Sunday.

  6. Thank you All! I'm grateful to have you in my life. Love abounds!

  7. Buona Pasqua to you. We used Italian to wish each other Happy Easter during our Easter party with my international students on Friday. I hope your day has been wonderful.

  8. Happy Birthday - Happy Easter. As Spock would say (and only because I love the sentiment), "Live Long and Prosper".

  9. Happy birthday to your handsome husband. I hope your Easter was filled with joy!

  10. Sally, Saluti to your international students!
    Lou, It's actually a favorite saying (with the appropriate gesture) of my husband!
    Lisa, It was filled with joy. BTW, I love your photo with your grandson.


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