22 April 2011

Happy Earth Day

I was puttering on my balcony today, talking to my plants and herbs and re-potting a holly tree I gave my husband at his birthday request. She's a lovely lass. So many of the blogs I follow were lamenting the tardiness of Spring this year. So I want to share a glimpse of things to come, from my little corner of the earth. They make me happy and I hope tending them makes earth happy.

Rosemary made it through the winter and is bigger and more beautiful than ever. She's on tonight's roasted potatoes.

These open in the sun and close at night or when sun goes in. My neighbor loves that!

We're harvesting herbs daily. Dill on tomatoes with fresh mozzarella is my favorite. Mint, which made it through the winter well, goes in the sun tea. Celery is about to become soup stock.

The lavender made it through the winter as well and is thriving again. Hot peppers next to it then jasmine.

This is called rucola here and I put it on my sandwich or salad every day, also yummy on pizza.

Gardenia laden with buds before it blooms.

Holly, the lovely new family member, She'll fill up that corner nicely. Did you know holly can be male or female? Maybe I'll get her some company.

…Ah, to understand how to bloom: then would the heart be carried beyond all milder dangers, to be consoled in the great one.

from: "How to Bloom"

What green things are you doing today?


  1. I did not know you could grow celery in a pot.

    Your flowers are gorgeous and so are your herbs. This is inspiring and, perhaps, I'll try the herb garden in pots this Summer.

  2. CG, Yes, it grows great. The key is to harvest around the edges regularly so it prospers.

  3. hi, may i come stay with you?=)

    beautiful balcony and plants! i can't get over the view in your header... breathtaking!

  4. Your balcony is perfect....I would spend much time there...enjoying the plants, the sunshine and the wonderful view!!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Kelli, Welcome and thanks for dropping by. The header is a view from the balcony looking toward the mountains. Visitors are welcome!
    Nanny, I do spend a lot of time out there, especially with the new awning. We have friends coming over on the weekend so it will be fun. Have a great one yourself. Here they say Buona Pasqua!

  6. Your herbs are very healthy looking. Thanks for showing us what is blooming at your house. I love your balcony!

  7. I LOVE your garden of herbs and spices. And the view is incredible. You are so fortunate, and I am also very happy to hear these ladies (mostly) made it through the winter in good shape!

  8. You have a lovely green thumb, apparently! Mine is quite brown, so I admire what you've done with the lovely herbs and more. Great photos, too, of your awesome balcony garden. Love it!

  9. I love your plants! Now that I've started cooking I know that I want to grow herbs. I'd start them indoors, but with the kids still so young nothing is quite safe, so will wait.

  10. Sally, Me too. Herbs are surprisingly easy to grow. It's like they really want to!
    Lauren, Just their presence is glorious.
    DJan, I've shown the view of the sea and the mountains on other posts. It's a great spot to just sit and enjoy.
    Lisa, The balcony faces south so it's a great growing spot quite apart from my thumbs. But I do love tending to them.
    Nancy, What me daughter did when her kids were that age was put them in charge of watering, weeding and harvesting the herbs. They loved it and took great pride in the upkeep. The got to know herbs well, too.

  11. It sure is pretty in your corner of the world.

  12. Lou, That it is. Buona Pasqua!

  13. Ah...rucola. My favorite salad ingredient. Does it grow wild around your area? I know it does further south.
    Your plants look wonderfully healthy and happy. They obviously thrive on being loved. Just like us.

  14. Marian, It's my new favorite too! I don't know about wild but it's thriving in its pot and giving me salad and panini ingredients daily.


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