31 March 2010

A Favorite Spot

Under the category of simple things, I set up a space on the balcony to just sit. I took a container that houses my gardening paraphernalia, put a table cloth and place mat on it, and set in between two chairs. I sit and read, sit and study, sit and sip wine, sit and soak in the sun, sit and think, sit and talk about things that matter with the one in my life who matters most. It's now my favorite spot. It's good to have a space to sit and talk and take stock. Spring invites that. I like having my own little spot to do it. What's your favorite spot?


  1. I can just see you out there now! Tell me, are the chairs puce or chartreuse? The whole vignette reminds me of you - and makes me smile a HUGE smile.

  2. OK, I've been thinking a lot about what would be my "favorite spot." And I just can't come up with one spot that I prefer over all others. I don't know if that's good news or bad news. I do love your spot, though!

  3. Judith- The chairs are yellow and the ones around the table where we eat a lot of meals these days are orange.
    Patti- My favorite changes from season to season. This is my spring fav.


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