26 March 2010

Suncatchers, Pansies and Celtic Goddesses

This post has no cohesive theme except the random things that are happening in my world these days. Spring is so sprung right now and it puts me in such a great mood. Relishing simple things like re-potting geraniums and begonias and rosemary, mint, chives, oregano, thyme and parsley in the sunshine, walking hand in hand with my husband in the sunshine, reading poetry on the balcony in the sunshine, even hanging a sun catcher with millions of little mirrors that spin around and throw sparkles everywhere. It lifted my spirits to do these things and brought me back to the now where all the good things are happening. it is indeed the present.

My neighbor was out planting pansies and sprucing up his garden so I asked him to be my language buddy and converse with me in Italian. What better indicator could I use to choose? I've taken the suggestions I received about learning Italian to heart and am grateful for them! I feel more hopeful. And I went to Rigoletto the other night. Listening to opera in Italian was great because they say each word more slowly so I understand more. Then my friend wrote today and also recommended listening to music but for a different reason: because music enters into the right side of the brain and allows a deeper and quicker integration of the language. We have many beautiful Italian songs so that's gladly on my daily to do list as well!

Lastly, I came across a wonderful quote about crones in Frank MacEowen's book "The Spiral of Memory and Belonging":
"In contrast to these modern usages, the words 'crone' and 'cailleach' were traditionally associated with healing, wisdom, initiation into the ways of the Otherworld, and the stirring mysteries of the earth. The crone, sometimes appearing as the dark goddess, is the keeper of hidden knowledge and is considered a guardian."

Healing, wisdom, initiation, mysteries of the earth! Doesn't that sound luscious? Made me sad at how far we older women have separated from this powerful place of ancient knowledge and energy. But it also inspired me to continue to seek ways to reclaim this role which our culture sorely needs but is so afraid of. Initiatory energy reminded me of the importance of mentoring younger women. I'm doing this with my daughter and 8 nieces when we gather together each year to grow individually and support one another. What are others doing? Let's talk!


  1. I understand what you mean - but from a different perspective. There once a reverence for age in ALL cultures - mainly because there were so few that lived to 'a ripe old age'. Achieving 'age' was a sign that you were wise and had lived well - and wisely. And so what you had to say was respected - revered even. Because you were old and wise. But now - now old age is common, and like anything that was once rare and has become common, it has lost its cache.

    Which is too bad for us mature folk.

  2. Good point but I meant that it's important for older women to acknowledge and take possession of their unique power as spiritual elders, wise women, crones and use it to benefit, heal and lead. That ancient role has been largely lost and it's up to us to reclaim it.

  3. Mary & Lou: I think you each made a really important point.

    Those of us who have lived longer have no doubt gained some wisdom along the way (assuming we were paying attention; I fear some of us weren't). It behooves (see? remember when that used to be a word?) us to share whatever wisdom we may have. I think blogging is a great way to do that.

    I know I find both of you to be wise in your writing. (smiles)

  4. Thanks, Patti. I like your viewpoint about blogs and behooven to share- good for all of us!

  5. I need all the wise friends I can get!


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