08 March 2010

Of Friends and Fashion

One of life's joys is being friends with the children of my friends. For instance, I'm visiting in California, where I lived for 14 years. Dear friends have a daughter, now 19, that I've had the good fortune to spend time with again. She's into fashion, as am I, and we've been swapping ideas about clothes, good designers and designs, where to get them, how to put them together, etc. I love her ideas and adorably unique style. She's studying design and even doing a blog about her fashion interests: (http://narcissisticandmaterialistic.blogspot.com). She has a easy conversational, humorous way of writing that I find fun and engaging. And she celebrated my 2 great bargains from a shopping excursion with her Mom. The upshot is that she is taking me shopping in San Francisco to some of her favorite vintage clothing stores. How cool! I'm excited about that and marvel at how quickly my world is expanded and enriched. Thanks, Katy!


  1. Okay - I'm going to go over and check out her blog in just a minute - but I will stay here just long enough to say I'd love to see you in some of that 'vintage clothing' she's taking you to see. You carry yourself elegantly, and I'm sure you would flatter anything you wore.

  2. Thanks, Lou. You made my day! Photos? Maybe.


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