29 March 2010

Spring Intoxication

Now, this is what I'm talking about! Sat on my balcony today, took in the view and studied Italian in my short sleeves - even spent extra study time, because, why not? Temps in upper 60's, my neighbor and I, my husband and I, all giddy with spring, planning trips galore to explore our surroundings. Met a family a few doors down the hill from us who have the most adorable 6 year old girl who asked me to mentor her and her 9 year old brother in English once they are out of school in June. Sure, said I. We'll swap services and they can mentor me in Italian! Another couple I went to visit today are bilingual and the conversation was an easy mix of English and Italian. Makes me yearn for fluency and motivated me mightily. Spring brings such energy and hope and all out joy!


  1. You're on your way!

    P.S. Is the photo above our view from the balcony??? Wow! No wonder you spent more time than planned!

  2. That's the view if I turn right. Turn left and it's the Adriatic Sea. Straight ahead the Maiella Mts. It's spectacular any way I look. Love to eat on the balcony, too, or have a glass of wine, or visit with friends, or...


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