14 March 2010

California Dreaming

Well, our California visit is coming to a close and it has been full! Saw my cousin and her family today and got caught up on their end of the family news. 8 1/2 years brings those amazing OMG moments when babies are now in 4th grade and 8 year olds are in high school and all of us adults are grayer! A fun time though.

And speaking of fun, Katy (from the "Of Friends and Fashion" post on 3/8) and I went to a vintage clothing store she likes and we had a great time. Tried on some things and bought some cool retro jewelry. It's a world she knows a lot about and I loved seeing this side of fashion through her eyes. Some of the styles I remember wearing, of course, even though it's ancient history to Katy! She's an interesting, interested young woman that's fun to hang out with. Isn't she cute?

I reconnected with good friends while here and had some wonderful "going deeper" conversations that happen so much easier with old, dear friends. It's surely the rich beauty of friendship.

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