21 March 2010

Wonder Woman and The Jedi Knight

When I was visiting my grandchildren recently in the Rain Forest of Trinidad, I had a day with them all to myself. It was delicious! We played dress up, ran races, read stories, swam in the river, raced twig boats in the river, danced to favorite songs and just in general had a ball! Kahlil, age 7 1/2 and Kamala, one week from her 4th birthday agreed to write a story to read later to their parents. To fully involve the younger one, I suggested that Kahlil start a sentence and Kamala finish it and then Kamala start a sentence and Kahlil finish it. We had great laughs as the story took turns that neither one would have taken on their own. I told them I would write exactly what they dictated. The following is what they came up with:

Wonder Woman and The Jedi Knight
by Kahlil and Kamala Fitzjames

Once upon a time there was a peaceful village but the wind came and knocked down the trees. There lived a king in that land who went to his garden to gather christofene and dasheen to eat.

Then, one day, war broke out in the land and on the same day, the dog broke out of his yard. When the war broke out, a village, not so far away, heard that there was fighting and they told two powerful knights, Wonder Woman and the Jedi Knight: "A ship will be flying soon." The ship did fly soon and while it was flying, it came under attack. So the ship went under the sea since ships can fly under the sea. Under the sea the ship was attacked again and, this time, it wasn't just any attack. It was attacked by Martians who live under the sea.

But, this ship could fly in the sky, too, and the people who come on the ship would sit and fly over the sea. The Martians were fierce underwater knights. They had gills so they could not breathe out of water. So, as the ship flew out of the water, they died coming after it. But the Martians who dunked their heads under water again could breathe and they would not die.

Now the two real heroes were the Jedi Knight and Wonder Woman. While the ship was under the water, Wonder Woman and the Jedi Knight jumped off the ship and swam across to the Martians' cave to get the treasure of the Titanic. But the treasure couldn't be opened until they got the key. In the cave the Jedi Knight and Wonder Woman saw lots of Martians and Wonder Woman saw lots of people spirits.

The key was hidden in the top of the castle in the cave and a poem unlocked the secret of the key:
Dive under the sea
you will see the key.
By the key is a table.
Don't you dare eat anything
but take the key from the table
at the top of the castle in the cave.
The secret code is 020306.

The Jedi Knight used his light saber to cut open the box. Wonder Woman, with her magic lasso, twirled it above her head and brought the Titanic treasure up to open with the key.
The End

This was such a fun activity and generated such energy and enthusiasm in the kids! I especially loved the poem.
What fun things do you do with your kids or grandkids?


  1. Mary, that it just delightful! What clever little people they are!

    We have four young grandchildren, three boys and a girl, aged seven and under. Our grandsons are into Hot Wheels cars and our granddaughter loves horses. But as children sometimes do more easily than adults, they are able to compromise. So a favorite activity with Grammy and Grandpa is a complicated game of "Down at the Races between Hot Rods and Horses." The horses usually win (because girls are smarter).

    How wonderful if the innocence and creativity of children could last just a bit longer...

  2. Great game, Patti! You're right- wonderful!

  3. Very inventive kids. And they're cute, too. And so nice they have a Grandmother who plays such games with them. Lucky, lucky children.


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