09 March 2010

The Next 7 Generations

More riches in my travels: My husband and I had dinner last night with a friend who is also a Medicine Woman. She talked about 13 indigenous grandmothers, some of whom she knew, gathering and calling for the healing of the earth mother and of each of us. Not just an important call now but imperative for our legacy 7 generations hence. Screenings of their film are taking place all over and we can make it even more widespread. The link is: http://www.forthenext7generations.com . As grandmothers they hold the wisdom of old age, the long view of old age and the love for children and grandchildren everywhere.

Surely, there can be no doubt we as a people need healing as does our earth mother. What will be our legacy 7 generations from now? How can we join together to multiply our effectiveness? Good questions. This film points toward some answers.

I have photos in my bedroom of my grandmother, my mother, me, my daughter and my grandchildren. It reminds me of my ties and my heritage. Who I came from, the family context for my daughter and her son and daughter. The sacred obligation to live on purpose with the knowledge that my choices influence my small world and my family as well as me.

Here's how I see job 1 right now: daily do the things that keep me physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy, connect with others who are doing the same, deepen the bonds with my husband, daughter and grandchildren, gather together yearly with my daughter and 8 nieces to address the hurt in our family and help heal it. I do all this in the belief that healing me and my family spreads out healing energy to the world that each of us in that women's circle then touches. Start with me and my family. There's so much healing to be done. The grandmothers point to other ways to be involved in healing, other important work to be done. I had been looking for what my next phase was to be as if it was something out there that I hadn't yet found. Maybe it is. But right now it's to do what's right in front of me to do. Me, my family and pay attention to what else comes my way.

I'm now planning with my sister-in-law, my daughter and my nieces what our next gathering (in July) will hold and celebrate. It will be our 7th gathering. I admire them and us for doing this simple, difficult, rewarding, and, ultimately important for our 7th generation, work. I like the perspective that my grandchildren's great great grandchildren will benefit.


  1. I'm enjoying being with my grandmother every day... she can't remember five minutes ago, but the stories from Days Of Yore are great! Hoping to remember them all.

  2. I'm sure you're writing them down- what a great legacy!


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